1:1 Coming Home Intuitive Coaching

1:1 Coming Home Intuitive Coaching

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Modern society is full of fantastic things—but a strong connection to ourselves and optimal health are no longer a foundation in our lives. Whether you’re struggling with chronic health issues, balancing your health and lifestyle, life stage changes, or the strong feeling of disconnection with yourself, my coming home toolbox and I are here to help you return to yourself.

Through intuitive gifts and training I tap into you, and help you tap into yourself to bring awareness, easy decision making, and provide a space of real human connection. Foster health, spiritual connection, and grow into your true self.

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Tools included in 1:1 training

1 monthly healing session. Break through barriers, improve health conditions ranging from pain, immune system disfunction, metabolic imbalances, squash stress, improve allergies.

Weekly email check in. Once a week, I email you with a check in, some intuitive homework (if your body needs it) and the opportunity to talk about whatever you’re working through.

1 monthly call. Either phone, Skype, or chat, we have one 30 minute monthly phone call in foster further human connection, and give you the space to create and discover what you need. Because 30 minutes when I show up for you, can make a world of difference.

Current price is $175/month on a month to month basis. Enjoy the freedom of short or long term team healing.