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When a Lifestyle Business Destroys Your Life

We didn’t know what was next. Looking at jobs we considered our options. Recovery was the first priority – how could we hold down jobs or start something new in our current state? So, we tied up loose ends, giving away or selling most of our furniture, beginning the process of minimising our lives.

We drove our car to the opposite end of the country with a 3x2 trailer on the back full of the "stuff" we had left. The next three months were spent with friends and family, determining what would come next.

Minimalism Starts With the Word "No"

I needed those newspapers because “there’s coupons in there!” I needed that vase, those shoes, that coin purse full of pennies. Why? Because one day in the not so distant future when some poor soul knocks on my door and asks me for a Kohl’s coupon, a dusty old vase, platform sandals circa 2004 and three cents from 1943, I’ll be their savior. And then, all the haters will get it. But, of course, that day never came and my life became, not full, but crowded.