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Breaking Up With Illness, What Life Without Lyme is Really Like

Ten years ago, I was given a life sentence of Chronic Lyme Disease. It was horrifying and a relief all at once. Chronic illness conditions us to a mentality of stasis. What we are now is what we will always be. There is comfort in a reality of stasis. Without fear of the unknown, we can curl up in our little bubble of pills, supplements, brain fog, and heated blankets. It is safe here in the comfort of our distress.

The True Cost of Health

What happens when this cost doesn't align with my lifestyle?

 Working for a non-profit has always aligned with my values, but my health costs don't align with my paycheck.  It's a catch-22.  Work more, to afford my health, sleep less and degrade my health.  

Either way, my checkbook and my body remain unbalanced.

I am far from alone in this vortex of health woes--our society has its priorities all wrong.  We eat on the go, valuing convenience over nutrition.  We skip out on check-ups, valuing the extra cash over a clean bill of health.  We opt for the quick fix, the band-aid of prescriptions that treat the symptoms because the cost of finding the root cause may be out of our budget.