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Manifesting The Reality You Want

One day, I noticed friends living blissfully positive lives that others envied.  They had what they wanted, and when life went awry, instead of panicking, they saw the silver linings in tragedy.  Apparently this all had to do with this little concept of manifesting.  My mind was blown, this woo-woo b.s. was real.  Our thoughts and intention impact our reality.  A bad mood turns into a bad day.  A lucky penny leads to a day of gratitude.  How often do the things we dread come true because we spend so much time dwelling on them?  

I Spent a Week in Silence, Here's What Happened

Silence is a funny thing.  It has the power to restore the body and the mind, giving our brains a much needed break from the noisy world, but were so resistant to seek it out.  So, for a whole week, I turned off the car radio, shut off the music in my life, and got comfortable with silence. 

The think about silence, is that in this modern age, we're not so comfortable with it.  No one is used to silence.  The streets are noisy.  We always have headphones in.  Our cars blast music, audiobooks, and podcasts.  Even our yoga classes often come with a pan flute soundtrack.  So, when silence confronts us on a country night star gazing, or the day the radio gives out, we gravitate towards fear.  Fear of what sounds will come next, and fear of what might materialize in ours heads through the silence.  But, what if, we just carved out a little time every day to relish the quiet? 

Five Steps to Overcome Multitasking

Our society is built on multitasking.  The more you do, the more gold stars you earn on the imaginary score card of twenty-first century living.  Conditioned to push through each day, packing as many tasks and accomplishments in as possible, we are the real life Energizer Bunnies.  But, with all of this multitasking, how do we fit in the basics?  There is no longer time to rest, digest, and ruminate with a single activity or feeling.  We are so wired on accomplishing goals, our brains are stuck in stress mode, meaning the littlest issues feel life threatening.