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What to do in Portland Maine

What to do in Portland Maine

"People here worry less.  They move slower. They're happy," says the girl at Stones and Stuff when I ask about her journey to Portland living. People are just friendlier in Maine.

People are just friendlier in Maine.

On The Minimalists tour to Portland, ME, a woman said she moved to Portland because on a long weekend getaway from New York her ferry tour guide volunteered to give her a true Portland tour, inviting her to a BBQ.  Three years later, the two are best friends, and both Portland residents. They are the kind of people flocking to this New England cobble stone city. 

The lesser known Portland, nestled in costal Maine is the prefect blend of small town charm, city convenience, and ocean view.

The lesser known Portland, nestled in costal Maine is the prefect blend of small town charm, city convenience, and ocean view.  In a nutshell, Portland is perfect. They have it all: galleries, colleges kids, micro brews, and  the (rumored) best lobster roll on the planet.  Here are some musts for a week of Portland living.

Portland Museum- $15

Renoir, Portland Museum of Art

A large collection featuring locals like Winslow Homer, as well as a few coveted Renoir's, and a set of Picasso vases they display every five years or so.  Their first acquisiton is the most exquisite marble statue I've ever seen of a dead fisherman washed ashore.

Divided into a few houses that display lavish reproduction wallpaper, and art from across Maine there are several hours worth of study and contemplation to be had at the Portland Art Museum.

The Wadsworth-Longfellow House-$15

The thing about Mainers is they keep everything.  So, the childhood home of the poet famous for The Midnight Ride of Paul Reviere, is not only in pristine condition, it also contains all original original keepsakes from his mother's embroidery sampler to the desk he and the other nineteen family members wrote on.  The garden out back is the perfect place to contemplate some poetry of your own. 

Longfellow Garden, Maine Historical Society. Portland, Maine


For upscale seafood with flavor and a decent deal on oysters, Scales provides a open dining experience right on the water.  A little tricky to find for the non-native, this eatery gives traditional favorites like the lobster roll a high class edge.

Oysters from Scales. A week's vacation in Portland, Maine.

Petite Jaqueline-$$

Whether it's brunch or dinner, Petite Jaqueline offers an intimate, flavorful dining experience.  What might be describes as the best brussel sprouts of my life paired perfectly with their simple salad.  Cozy and understated without being too French, you will leave with full tummies and hearts.


For the lover of vintage, handmade, local art, and graphic tee's Pinecone and Chickadee is a dream come true wrapped in a flannel plaid bow.  Perfect for dollar pins of lobsters, duck boots, and salty sailors, or a set of vintage mugs, this place has souvenirs on lock.  

What to see in Portland, Maine.


It's hard to encompass the magic of this little city in a few blurbs and dollar signs.  It's really a must see for anyone looking for a quiet, friendly, oceanside slice of historic New England. 


Have you been to Portland, Maine?  Got other New England adventures to recommend? Tell me about it in the comments!


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