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Signs the Mind Body Connection is Missing

Signs the Mind Body Connection is Missing

The notion that our mind and body are connection is a no-brainer.  They're two parts of the whole.

Tips for strengthening the mind body connection.

Surprisingly, the mind and body disconnect every day.  We lose awareness, grow tired, and lose our sense of self the further the mind and body separate.

Surprisingly, the mind and body become disconnected every day.  We lose awareness, grow tired, and lose our sense of self the further and further mind and body separate.  I go through this on a monthly basis, every time I work on a new play.  Suddenly, my life isn't my own.  Self-care goes by the wayside as my number one focus becomes the actors, their clothes, and the wardrobe crew.  My body grows tired, but my mind screams "soldier on!"  This leads to sleeplessness, poor eating, and a sadness I just can't quell.  

Unless I take the time to strengthen my mind body connection, I continue to live in a discontented state of disconnection.  

This happens to us all when stress overwhelms the body, deadlines loom, and our fight flight responses get stuck in the "on" mode.  Here's how I like to find reconnection. 

Here's how I bridge the mind body gap.

Signs the mind body connection is missing and how to reconnect.


  • Touch:  The act of touch triggers the mind to connect to various parts of the body.  Whether it's a gentle foot rub, extra exfoliation in the shower, or splurging for a massage, touch reminds the brain to tune in to the body.
  • Muscle Testing:  Muscle testing is a direct hotline from the body to the mind.  It's a simple way to ask the body questions without the mind skewing the answers.  It's not as woo-woo as it sounds!  Read more about it here.
  • Grounding:  Grounding is literally connecting with the earth.  Take off your shoes, and walk in the sand, dirt, concrete, or grass.  Wiggle your toes, and remember you are small, the world, is vast, your problems are actually insignificant. 
  • Trees:  The healing properties of trees are insane.  Trees are older, wiser, and more substantial than human will ever be.  Go outside and sit under one.
  • Breathe:  The act of recognizing your breath is the mind's anchor to the physical body.  Whether it's through meditation or the simple reminder to register an inhale and exhale, this is the fastest, easiest, and most powerful way to connect the mind and body. 
  • Perspective:  Remember everything is impermanent.  This too shall pass, but before too much of it does, remember the moment is a whole lot better if your body and mind are on the same page.

Muddling through the world in a state of disconnection is normal.  It's part of the scattered, modern, "practical" lifestyle so many of us are leading.  But in reality it is as tortured a life as horcruxed Harry Potter villain, and we all know how that ends.


Do you struggle with mind body disconnection?  Do you have tip for reuniting the mind and body?  Tell me all about it in the comments!

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