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Manifesting The Reality You Want

Manifesting The Reality You Want

My first successful manifestation occurred at age 7.  I longed to be a published author and the owner of my very own fish tank.  What can I say, I dream big.   I wrote a short, hard-bound book entitled, I Wish I Had a Fish Tank: the story of a young girl who realizes her dreams of owning an aquarium.  It sat on display at the school book fair, and my grandmother was so impressed, she bought me a fish tank and my first goldfish.  Just like that, I mastered the recipe for turning thoughts into reality. 

Just like that, I mastered the recipe for turning thoughts into reality. But is manifestation as mystical as we're lead to believe?

Thanks to books like The Secretclick bait promising soul mates, and blogs dedicated to helping you make it rich through manifestation, the word itself has a dodgy reputation.  It's a little bit woo-woo, a little bit mistrusted, and for the most part blown off by realists.  But what if, in reality, we are manifesting every single day? 

 But, what if, we are manifesting every single day? 

Manifestation isn't the idea of going from broke to lottery winner in a matter of days.  Nor is it about dumb luck.  It's about creating your reality with purpose. Manifestation works through living with intention, assuming good will, and letting go.  The world actually is our oyster, if we believe it to be. 

The world actually is our oyster, if we believe it to be. 

At many points in my young life, I didn't think about manifesting at all.  Things happened to me, not because of me.  I dwelled on the darkness: breakups, disease, fears that held my heart and mind hostage.  I shrugged off anything great.  Compliments made me uncomfortable.  Accomplishments were achieved because of talent or hard work.  There was no joy in the world I manifested.

Manifesting reality is as easy as smiling.

One day, I noticed friends living blissfully positive lives that others envied.  They had what they wanted, and when life went awry, instead of panicking, they saw the silver linings in tragedy.  Apparently this all had to do with this little concept of manifesting.  My mind was blown, this woo-woo b.s. was real.  Our thoughts and intention impact our reality.  A bad mood turns into a bad day.  A lucky penny leads to a day of gratitude.  How often do the things we dread come true because we spend so much time dwelling on them?  

Suddenly, I realized the tools for finding joy, and manifesting a positive life were mine all along.  If I could manifest at seven, I could manifest at twenty nine.  Yet, the older we get, the farther we find ourselves from the manifestation mindset: anything is possible.   

There was no joy in the world I manifested, until I realized the tools for finding joy, and manifesting what I wanted were there all long.

Now, I walk the road of creating my life with intention, but it's not as easy as vision boards, affirmations, and all the other "tools" manifesting mavens swear by.  

Manifesting is as simple as thinking positive thoughts.

My key to manifestation is gratitude.  I write in a journal every day.  I leave anonymous love notes for strangers in bathrooms and bookstores.  I focus on the reality I'm creating, but, as a good friend would say, "leave it to the cosmos to guide me."   By setting an intention, and letting it go, I'm putting my wants out into the world. 

By practicing gratitude life becomes less serious and a hell of a lot more fun.  I work in theatre.  We literally play pretend for a living--what's less serious than that?  

Finding balance between my intentions, gratitude, and joy, I have a better understanding of who I am and will grow to be. This self-awareness guides my thoughts into intentional reality.  Some days I manifest a primo parking space, other days an extra fork in the kitchen when I really need it.  They are little things, but eventually, the gratitude for the little things leads to a whole world of happiness. Think happy thoughts and you can fly.

If you're curious about the world and science behind manifestation, or creating joy in a down to earth woo-woo free way, here are my favorite books on the subject. 

(The following are affiliate links.  Buying these books costs you nothing extra but helps me keep the MacBook turned on.)

Grout is hilarious with her no-nonse approach to quantum physics and thoughts becoming things.  She lays out nine experiments to prove to your skeptic self that we have the power to create our own reality. 

The Alchemist
By Paulo Coelho

This classic novel follows the notion of finding your own person legend, living the life you were born to, and choose to live. 


These series is short, sweet, and super serious about manifestation.  It's a little too woo-woo for many, but is light hearted, and a quick read that really makes you think about intention, joy, and the possibilities of every day. 

Do you believe we create our reality?  Are you into manifesting, practicing gratitude, or mindfulness?  Do you have tips or tricks?  Tell me about them in the comments!

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