All in Amy Can't Eat That

Espillette Sweet Potato Frites

The French have an affinity for many flavors, but spicy isn't one of them.  Eating my way through Southwestern France, I was shocked by the mild flavor of "spicy sausage" made from ground veal and the signature French pepper, espillette.  My central cost California palette was sorely disappointed by the lack of heat, but the flavor of this Basque pepper left me ready for more.  

Turmeric Zucchini Hash

A take on traditional hash, I give you Turm-Zuc Hash.

I'm obsessed with turmeric.  The so yellow it stains all the things in the kitchen cousin of the ginger root, turmeric is herbal gold.  Praised in Ayurvedic medicine, and increasingly in western medicine for its high levels of anti-inflammatory curcumin, turmeric decreases inflammation throughout the body, reduces histamine reaction, and warms the blood.  And if you fry is just right, it crisps up like little potato chips. Yes. You heard me.