The Last Diet You'll Ever Go On

I started my diet experiment with the simple task of muscle testing whether I was hungry or not.  Muscle testing is the principle of tapping into the subconscious through the electrical current running through our bodies.  By stating a "true" or "false" statement, muscles display strength or weakness depending on your subconscious answer.  I say "I am hungry," while standing vertical with my eyes closed.  If my body needs food, it agrees with this statement, and I sway forward.  If it's a "no," I sway backwards, all without conscious intention.  

After a few weeks of this mindful eating, I started to recognize patterns, and actual signs and symptoms of hunger I never knew how to identify.  Most importantly, I learned I need a lot less food than I ever thought.  This may seem like an extreme or "woo-woo" tactic, but it is just one method of listening to your body's true need for food.

Five Steps to Overcome Multitasking

Our society is built on multitasking.  The more you do, the more gold stars you earn on the imaginary score card of twenty-first century living.  Conditioned to push through each day, packing as many tasks and accomplishments in as possible, we are the real life Energizer Bunnies.  But, with all of this multitasking, how do we fit in the basics?  There is no longer time to rest, digest, and ruminate with a single activity or feeling.  We are so wired on accomplishing goals, our brains are stuck in stress mode, meaning the littlest issues feel life threatening.  

How to Love Your Body

 We are never taught how to love the temporary state of our bodies, but we forget: every state is temporary.  So, I start with a hastily crafted apology.

Dear Body,

I'm sorry for all the names I call you, and times you make me cry.  I know you want to do good by me.  So do I.  Truce? 



In order to find peace with the current state of my body, I have to find some perspective, through the body dysmorphia crippling my rational mind. 

When a Lifestyle Business Destroys Your Life

We didn’t know what was next. Looking at jobs we considered our options. Recovery was the first priority – how could we hold down jobs or start something new in our current state? So, we tied up loose ends, giving away or selling most of our furniture, beginning the process of minimising our lives.

We drove our car to the opposite end of the country with a 3x2 trailer on the back full of the "stuff" we had left. The next three months were spent with friends and family, determining what would come next.

"Discovering" Cabrillo National Monument

The scenic views and variety of trails--a few of which are paved and only a mile--make a trip to this southernmost National Park worth the journey.  Perfect for an afternoon of tide pooling, whale watching, and gentle hiking, Cabrillo National Monument shouldn't be missed!

Spring is the perfect season to see the wild flowers and enjoy the best weather at Point Loma!

We Are Not What We Do

What if we got to know each other before we ever exchanged business cards?

I find it hard to describe my job.  It's complicated, theatrical, and involves a title with too many words to fit on my non existent business card.  More importantly, my job doesn't define my person, it's just this thing I do for fifty-ish hours a week.