We Are Not What We Do

What if we got to know each other before we ever exchanged business cards?

I find it hard to describe my job.  It's complicated, theatrical, and involves a title with too many words to fit on my non existent business card.  More importantly, my job doesn't define my person, it's just this thing I do for fifty-ish hours a week. 

What to do in Portland Maine

The lesser known Portland, nestled in costal Maine is the prefect blend of small town charm, city convenience, and ocean view.  In a nutshell, Portland is perfect. They have it all: galleries, colleges kids, micro brews, and  the (rumored) best lobster roll on the planet.  Here are some musts for a week of Portland living.

Minimalism Starts With the Word "No"

I needed those newspapers because “there’s coupons in there!” I needed that vase, those shoes, that coin purse full of pennies. Why? Because one day in the not so distant future when some poor soul knocks on my door and asks me for a Kohl’s coupon, a dusty old vase, platform sandals circa 2004 and three cents from 1943, I’ll be their savior. And then, all the haters will get it. But, of course, that day never came and my life became, not full, but crowded. 

Finding Your Self, Finding Your Worth

Since college I have not lived in a single place for more than 11 months.  I moved between California and New York 4 times in the first 2 years after college, lived in New York City for a year, worked and lived in Massachusetts for a couple of summers and lived at home on Long Island with my parents for a year..  In June 2016 I decided to take a leap and move to Denver, CO where I knew 2 people and didn’t have any type of job lined up.  So why all the moving?  Jobs mostly.  Sometimes it was my choice to move and sometimes it wasn’t but I always thought that in order to move up you needed to keep moving.

My Lifestyle is Not a Label

Some days, the idea of minimalism feels like a freeing game, the rush of decluttering reminiscent of all the highs I used to love—chocolate, Bulleit rye, vicodin.  Other days, I wonder if minimalism is just another status, box to check, and goal to achieve to finally obtain optimal living

Is the want for happiness driving us to fit our lives into any trend that promises betterment?

A lot of articles and podcasts talk about the struggles of living with less.  People don't understand your aversion to consumerism.  Sometimes the urge to resist buying is too great.  It takes work to maintain the minimalist lifestyle.  Nothing is easy.