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Finding Food With Soul: The Grease Box

Finding Food With Soul: The Grease Box

Food is the boyfriend I just can seem to leave. It's pretty, smells amazing, and brings more comfort than anything else in my life.  That is, until it leads to nausea, tears, and above all, regret. From body dysmorphia to Lyme fueled food allergies that ebb and flow faster than I can keep track of the menu, food and I struggle to coexist. Unlike other abusive relationships, food and I can't break up--we learn to settle our differences.

On my road to peace with food, I discovered value of place and people outweighs flavor alone.

I want my food to have soul.  I want to eat entrees made with love, that have equal meaning to the chef and me.

This is why I love Grease Box.

Located on the Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland border, Grease Box caters to the gluten free, soul food, Americana breakfast lover.  And they do it with a simple, laid-back Oakland charm.

While other eateries in the bay craft excellent cuisine, they also serve an heir of pretension with a side of house made aoli. The Grease Box does not.  Real people. Real problems. Real food.

Owned by a lovely couple, hailing from other Bay Area eateries (Pizzaiolo, Bette's Oceanview Diner) these two ladies have built a gluten free sanctuary teeming with Belgian waffles, muffins wavering between cake and biscuit, and the best collard greens in town. 

Their food is simple, as all good food should be. It pretends to be nothing other than comforting nourishment.  No pretension. No attempt to convince you gluten free is the end-all-be-all. Just some bomb waffles and cowboy coffee.

I've come to terms with my fate as a foodie who cannot eat food. It makes no sense to others, but for me, it's perfect. 

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