Welcome to my blog about the journey as well as the destination, which might come with gluten free donuts.

The Road to Self-Discovery is Paved in Adventure

The Road to Self-Discovery is Paved in Adventure

On a random day, last November, I woke up in a cold sweat.  I had no idea who I was.  I'd fallen out of love with myself, and out of love with the tiny, safe world I'd built around me: a luxurious pillow fort of fear.

 Before college, I got sick.  I'm not sure what I expected my life to look like in my late 20's, but without Lyme Disease, I wouldn't be here.  

After college, I buried myself in work, more school, and crippling fears, from my illness.  Fear of rejection, fear of acceptance, fear of socialization, fear of failure, fear of large groupings of trees. The list goes on.

I was literally too scared to do anything other than eat tacos and watch bad ABC Family Christmas specials. 

I forgot what it felt like to be alone--what it really felt like to spend time with myself.  No TV, no rom-coms filling my head with notions of distorted reality. I lost sight of any hobbies, or dreams because I didn't know what I liked anymore.  I was simply going through the motions of "adulthood".

So, I did what any unstable twenty-something on the road to self-discovery would do: bleached my hair platinum blonde and set off on a mission to rediscover the person I used to be, and the people, places, and things I value.

Then, a funny thing happened.  I opened my heart to the world, and life started to change, one day at a time.  I faced trivial fears like crowded metro trains and riding a bike, even though I fall over at least once a week.  I rediscovered loves I forgot: pens, paper, and practical joking.  

Most importantly, I let myself regain my sense of adventure.

So, here's to present and future chronicles of my journey.  The destinations may be no further than a mile away, but I don't believe adventure has to be grand, revolutionary, or exotic--it has to be fun.  Hopefully, you'll have some fun along the way, and a gluten free waffle or two, on me.

Adventures Alone: Big Sur River Inn

Adventures Alone: Big Sur River Inn