Hi. I'm Amy. Amy Glen Bobeda to be exact. Just call me AGB, or Bobeda, or whatever.

I'm a dabbler. California native, cosmetologist, reader, writer, cartoonist, theater maker, and urban adventurer.

About ten years ago, I was hiking outside of Salinas, CA and got Lyme Disease.  Plans beyond college were derailed.  Instead of studying abroad, I learned about drug interactions and enlarged spleens.  I became allergic to most food, and developed a passion for gluten free, paleo, and every lifestyle change in between. 

For a long time, I let my work and body overshadow my wanderlust, but I've taken it back. On a quest to live with intention, listen to my body, and love my life, I developed The Blonde Wanderlust. So, here is my little corner of the internet chronicling the joys of life as an artificially blonde, gluten free, urban adventurer. 

With training in wellness, energy medicine, and stress management, I'm paving a new course for my life, so, come a long for the ride!




Disclaimer:  There are occasionally affiliate links for products I like (primarily books), and if you buy said items I will receive minor compensation.  It's not much, but it does help support the adventure life and the blogging passion behind The Blonde Wanderlust.